#6505 SmartCat ALL NATURAL Clumping Litter by Pioneer Pet-10lb Bag

$17.99 + Shipping

SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter is not only all natural but designed to make everything easier!  Easier to carry, easier to scoop and easier to clean.  On top of that we are made from 100% USA farmed grass, with no added chemicals or fragrances.  Our product will biodegrade after disposal as a renewable resource.  We are very soft on paws and  can be used for younger cats.



100% Grass, Chemical Free, Clay Free, Fragrance Free, 99% Dust Free, Paw Soft and Safe, Biodegradable and renewable!



You have to see it to believe it!


Can litter made from grass out clump clay?

YES! With the perfect combination of US farmed grasses, our all natural litter really does the job.  Light in weight, but strong in performance. It out clumps clay, everyday.


  • Out Clumps Clay Everyday
  • No Smell, Can’t Tell Odor Control
  • 99% Dust Free
  • Made 100% From Grass
  • Multi-Cat
  • 10lbs


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*Pregnant woman should not clean litter boxes.  Toxoplasma gondii may be present in dirty cat litter

*Not for human consumption.