#5005 Rosie’s Rabbit (handcrafted by our friend Rosie)


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A handcrafted catnip toy that’s perfect for grabbing, kicking, and throwing around

These handcrafted catnip toys are perfect for grabbing, kicking, and throwing around. They are designed and made by Rosie, a true cat-lover who knows what cats like. Indoor cats need mental and physical stimulation and Rosie’s Catnip Toys will give them that necessary stimulation for hours and hours.  The toys come in a variety of patterns and shapes. All are carefully stuffed with generous amounts of fresh organic catnip. All you have to do is sit back and relax while your cat grabs, kicks and delights in his new playmate.


Did you know? A portion of Rosie’s sales are donated by her to animal shelters and rescue groups. The balance goes toward the care of cats that were not eligible for adoption due to health or temperament problems but are now in Rosie’s loving care.

***Please note that item pictured is just an example.  Because these are hand made colors and fabrics may vary.